Please note that special rules apply to picking cloudberries in the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, where landowners or users can prohibit picking. Any such prohibition must be notified through clear signposting, a newspaper announcement or equivalent means.

Unless expressly prohibited in this way, cloudberries can be picked freely. In these counties owners can issue prohibitions in relation to cloudberry fields. These are areas of cloudberry plants, regardless of their location, which are so large and productive that they are of significant financial value to the landowner.

Even if a cloudberry field is covered by a prohibition, you are still always allowed to pick cloudberries that you eat on the spot.

On public land in Finnmark, everyone can pick cloudberries for personal consumption, but only Finnmark residents can pick them to sell.

Be careful when collecting other natural products such as rocks, minerals, peat, moss and lichen. Ask the landowner’s permission before taking any holly, burls, roots or bark.

When picking in open country, remember:

  • to make sure you know the conservation rules beforehand if you are visiting a nature reserve or conservation area (picking wildflowers, mushrooms, tree fungi and lichen may be prohibited in some areas)
  • to learn to recognize protected and endangered plant species, in order not to pick them
  • not to remove roots, bark or burls from living trees without the landowner’s permission
  • not to disturb wildlife or livestock • not to pick berries close to a farm or an inhabited house
  • to be considerate of other pickers and countryside users
  • to respect the interests of people who live and work in the countryside